My Life List

I keep a list of all the organisms I see…..
….kind of.

I started recording my bird sightings in around 2008. More recently, I started to record other organisms.

I’m not sure exactly what the end-game is. While it is exciting to record something new, I cannot possibly hope to ever see everything. There are around a million insect species on the planet. I suppose that I’d like to just see as much as possible in Ontario for as long as I live here. But this list isn’t restricted to Ontario by any means. I sometimes travel father afield!

1) I must be as close to 100% sure of a positive identification as possible
2) Organism must be wild, non-captive or (in the case of plants) not cultivated – to the best of my knowledge
3) I must have details on location, date etc… so cannot add something that I vaguely remember seeing when I was six or seven years old (though I have retrospectively added organisms in cases where I have a photo with date and location information).

My life list was getting long so I have broken it down into sections listed below (or in the navigation bar).


Butterflies/Moths (Coming soon)

Other Insects (Coming soon)

Arachnids (Coming soon)

Mammals (Coming soon)

Amphibians (Coming soon)

Reptiles (Coming soon)

Fungi/Lichen (Coming soon)

Other Plants (Coming soon)

Fish (Coming soon)

Mollusks (Coming soon)

Other Organisms (Coming soon)