My Life List

A life list is a list of the animals/plants that someone has seen and recorded.
I began a Bird life list in 2008 and recently began a list of plants and other animals more recently

In order to add something to my life list, the following criteria must be met:

  • I must be very certain that I have correctly identified the animal
  • Organism must be wild (no zoos!) and I try to avoid cultivated plants, though this is a grey area
  • I record the date/location and can’t just retroactively add something cos I saw it at some point 20 years ago!

Anyway, here are my lists:



Other Insects (Coming soon)

Arachnids (Coming soon)


Amphibians (Coming soon)

Reptiles (Coming soon)

Fungi/Lichen (Coming soon)

Other Plants (Coming soon)

Fish (Coming soon)

Mollusks (Coming soon)

Other Organisms (Coming soon)