I challenged myself to “virtually” walk across Canada during 2020 – I keep track of how far I walk every day and plot this against a map of Canada. Read more here.

I’ve been a little remiss when it comes to updating my progress “hiking” virtually across Canada. I’ve still been keeping track and am also doing a few other “virtual” hikes (more on that in a moment). I haven’t posted any updates for a while, mostly because I’ve been more focused on posting about nature trips and “real” hikes.

Last time I wrote (February, ouch!) I was still in BC and just about to reach the border to Alberta. Since then I have blown through Alberta and the prairies of Saskatchewan and I am about to reach Brandon, Manitoba. Below is a map of my progress since I started in January 2020 – all 2,244km of it!

progress map
Progress (blue line) – 2,244km – 25%

The blue line shows my progress, the red points are just locations of interest.

Other Virtual Hikes

I may not update this too often, but I decided to take part in a few other virtual walks that are run by “My Virtual Mission” who do “The Conqueror Events” where they track your progress along various routes and you get a medal for each one you complete (for a fee). You get information on the various locations you have reached and get emailed a “virtual postcard” from some places.

I joined a few of them and I am working through them (one at a time) with the aim of completing all of them by Dec 31st.

My progress:

NameDistance% Complete
English Channel Crossing33.8km100%
Hadrian’s Wall144.8km100%
Inca Trail42.2km100%
Lands End – John O’Groats1744.2km57%
The Grand Canyon450.6km0%
Alps to Ocean (cross NZ)289.7km0%
Great Ocean Road239.8km0%
Route 663669.8km0%
Appalachian Trail3167.6km0%
Camino de Santiago (Spain+Portugal)773.90%

I’ve received my first three medals and might post photos of them in the future, they’re surprisingly hefty but did take almost 2 months to arrive after I finished each “hike”.

These virtual hikes have been fun, especially during prescribed periods of outdoor exercise during the peak of the pandemic – though the price (for the medals) is a bit on the steep side at $29.95US/£24.95 each.


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    • Started a virtual walk across Canada myself on October 27 2020. Since I’m a senior I have not been going out and felt I needed to keep fit this winter by using my old treadmill. As of today February 7 I’ve done 264 km. Plotting on Google maps and mostly on transcends trail…

      • Hi Margaret,
        Hope it is going well for you. Unfortunately my fitbit died and I decided to replace it with a Garmin which has a lot of fun features (like GPS maps on the screen). Sadly the website/app I was using to track my progress only works with Fitbit! Manually updating my progress seems like a lot of work. WIll have to see.


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