I challenged myself to “virtually” walk across Canada during 2020 – I keep track of how far I walk every day and plot this against a map of Canada. Read more here.

In the last update, I had made it from Vancouver to Surrey – about 21km during a short week of 4 days, as the year began on a Wednesday. That’s about 5km per day instead of the 25km per day I need.

This second update covers Jan 5th – Jan 11th. I managed 44km in 7 days, about 6km per day. Not really close to what I need and I’m falling behind. Maybe this will turn into a two-year challenge!

The main challenge I have faced is that my assignment at work is a lot less physical than usual. Typically I would walk 20,000-30,000 steps per day, but I am working in a set area and doing only about 5,000 steps per day. That should change in a couple of weeks time. This week went a little better mainly because I have started to accompany a friend and old work colleague to the gym where we do some speed-walking, among other things. I’m going along on a free trial and trying to decide whether I will pay the typically expensive membership fee to keep going!

Anyway, I have made it far enough to no longer be inside the “Metro Vancouver Area”, the border of which lies a little east of Langley City, BC. As you can see from the updated map below, I am just on the edge of Abbotsford. This will be my first city that isn’t part of the Metro Vancouver Area. The route I am taking is borrowed from a website that makes it easy to track my progress, but the route is a little odd and I cannot change it – so for the next little while it looks like I am walking through random forest! It means that I won’t hit another community until Keremeos, a little village in a valley with a population of 1,500.

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I’m Stu and I go by the nickname “BritHikesOntario”. I’m a displaced British bloke living in Ontario, Canada. I create videos, write stuff and take photographs that all aim to capture the essence of Ontario. Together with my wife, Sara, I enjoy showcasing the birds, landscape, nature and wildlife of this beautiful province!
I hope that you’ll enjoy discovering Ontario with me!