I challenged myself to “virtually” walk across Canada during 2020 – I keep track of how far I walk every day and plot this against a map of Canada. Read more here.

This first week is a partial week because January 1st fell on a Wednesday, so it is a 4-day-week. Even so, it hasn’t gone well so far. The route I planned is 8,871km and I would need around 25km a day to make it. Sadly, I came absolutely nowhere close to this. In fact, I only did 21km across 4 days. Eeek.


As you can see from the map, I am still in the suburbs of Vancouver, not yet even into Surrey.

My work usually involves a ton of walking but that hasn’t been the case lately. And I don’t expect much distance for the next couple of weeks, either. Oh dear! Maybe things will improve once the weather warms because I’m not getting out much in my spare time, either.

It’s likely I might have to alter the route to make it more direct (there’s a couple of extra thousand extra KM on the route I mapped to visit Nova Scotia, for example). Either way, I need to pick it up before the challenge gets away from me. See below for the overview map.

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