BritHikesOntario 2nd Season Fundraiser

Support Season 2 of BritHikesOntario

Where is Season Two?

Right now, there is no second series of BritHikesOntario


Short answer: It’s a ton of work and costs too much to make. It is not sustainable.

Not sustainable?

  • YouTube has pulled the rug out from under small video creators like me. To be paid anything at all, I need 1,000 subscribers.
  • It takes about 2 weeks minimum to plan, film, and produce each episode.
  • That means Season One took 12 weeks of work.
  • In one year, I have only gained 50 subscribers.
  • That means it would take 240 more weeks of working for nothing before YouTube ever contributed.

So it’s all about money for you? You make me sick! 🙂

Not entirely! I like making the videos, but here are some basic costs:

  • Website, Domain, Hosting – At least $75/yr
  • Transportation – Well Season One cost about $30 and I only left Toronto once. It just depends where I go, but we’re talking at least $100, right?
  • Marketing – I occasionally pay for marketing, but have only been able to afford about $15 so far, which has mostly gone on my Facebook page.
  • Other – There are various bits of technology, not necessarily expensive, that could help improve the videos. Eg. a clip-on mic for only around $30.

I believe the bare minimum cost of a second season is $300.

Fine! How do I help?

If you can support me, the best way to do so RIGHT NOW is by donating via one of these three methods:

Buy From My Shop
This GoFundMe
via PayPal

What if I don’t believe you will spend it on videos?

There’s some equipment on this Amazon wishlist

I can’t afford it.

Every single $1 helps.

Greeting Cards are only $1.99 Canadian.
5% of each purchase will be put aside for a new season.

No! I REALLY can’t afford to help!

Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Tell people about the great Greeting Cards that they can purchase from me!
  • Say this on Twitter or Facebook:  I watched some nature videos by BritHikesOntario. This one’s about The Scarborough Bluffs
  • Tell everyone you know about my YouTube account and get them to subscribe.
  • If you about to buy something at Amazon Canada < use this link | or use this link for > Amazon UK
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  • Do you have a Fitbit or similar? Join Achievement. They pay you to take steps (make up a fake US address).
  • Canadians with Fitbit/Google Fit: Earn Petro/Scene points. Download Carrot Rewards app on your phone. In the account tab use my code: “stuh4720” right after joining to get bonus points.
  • Want to start your own website? I recommend HawkHost. Their pricing is great and they have servers in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.