BritHikesOntario Video Series

Season One

In 2017, I recorded a series of videos where I explored the hiking trails of Ontario. In these videos, I try to capture some of the creatures and plants I find as I share the trails with you.
Season One episodes are listed below. It is a short or traditionally British season in-as-much-as it is composed of six episodes, because a) I’m British and b) 24 episodes is too much for one person.

BritHikesOntario S01E01 Thompson Memorial ParkS01E01 – Thompson Memorial Park

The first ever episode!
I take a walk through this park in Scarborough, the east-end of Toronto, following The West Highland Creek. I also stop by a local church cemetery and talk about the Thompson family, after whom the park is named.


BritHikesOntario s01e02 Vista and Orchard Trails Rouge ValleyS01E02 – Rouge Valley National Urban Park (Vista & Orchard Trails)

Hiking along the Vista trail starting at The Visitor Centre. This is a fairly large park, with varied terrain and a variety of eco-systems. Both trails follow the Little Rouge River and make their way through land carved by glacial retreat. We talk a little about how the river formed and we stop off at the remain of Maxwell Mill, which was originally owned by the Thompson family from episode one.


BritHikesOntario s01e03 Scarborough BluffsS01E03 – Exploring Scarborough Bluffs – Hiking Bluffer’s Park

We start at the beach on a misty morning and talk about Lake Ontario and spot a few birds, including some Cliff Swallows which nest in the face of the bluffs. They are migratory and come here to nest each summer. At the western edge of the park, I talk about how The Bluffs were formed at the end of the ice age and about how an ancient lake used to cover much of the southern parts of Toronto.


BritHikesOntario s01e04 Mast Trail Rouge ValleyS01E04 – Rouge Valley National Urban Park (Mast Trail)

Traipsing through a pretty damp Mast Trail following a wet spring, I’m repeatedly attacked by mosquitos! I get a good look at some Cedar Waxwings, one of my favourite birds, before stopping at the remains of a dam related to Maxwell Mill from episode 2. I talk about the history of The Mast Trail, how the White Pine Trees were chopped down for ship masts and an old ski resort that existed in this area. Starting with this episode, I start responding to some of your questions and feedback. Wink, wink.


BritHikesOntario s01e05 Tracing The Taylor Massey CreekS01E05 – Tracing The Taylor-Massey Creek in Scarborough

One of many creeks and rivers that flow from the North, eventually ending up in Lake Ontario. A creek that is slowly but surely undergoing rejuvenation and cleaning efforts. We trace the creek from its source to where it eventually joins The Don River. We move through residential areas and through parks, talking about a little history and in this episode we meet a lot of nature, including a close encounter with a Great Blue Heron.


BritHikesOntario s01e06 Hiking The Seaton Trail in 3 DaysS01E06 – Hiking The Seaton Trail in Three Days

A little further from Toronto! I follow West Duffins Creek along The Seaton Trail. A longer trail, with steeper terrain and with a few nice lookouts down into the valley carved by the creek. Please be aware that this episode contains some particularly bad jokes. And a Wilheim Scream.




Where is Season 2?

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