Hairy Woodpecker at Rouge Park Greeting Card


Greeting Card featuring a Hairy Woodpecker, taken on a hike through Rouge Valley Urban Park
The signs of a woodpecker are: Their short, sharp “peek” calls, their obvious profile in flight, and of course the drumming and tap-tap-tapping of their bills on tree trunks. It was this tapping sound that alerted me to the presence of this male Hairy woodpecker, who was looking for something to eat under the bark of a tree. I love these cute birds, they are such fun to watch   – BritHikesOntario

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Greeting cards are printed on bright, heavyweight cardstock with vivid colours.
Dimensions of these cards are approximately 4.25″ x 5.5″ (10.8cm x 14cm).
Items are made by hand, so some slight variation may occur due to trimming.

Inside of card is blank for your message.
Each card comes with its own white envelope.

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