Hairy Woodpecker at Rouge Park Print


Beautiful fine art print of a Hairy Woodpecker, taken during a hike through Rouge Valley Urban Park

The signs of a woodpecker are: Their short, sharp “peek” calls, their obvious profile in flight, and of course the drumming and tap-tap-tapping of their bills on tree trunks. It was this tapping sound that alerted me to the presence of this male Hairy woodpecker, who was looking for something to eat under the bark of a tree. I love these cute birds, they are such fun to watch. – BritHikesOntario

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This photograph is printed on premium quality Lustre photo paper, often used by professional photographers. It provides vivid, lifelike images and has a great sheen without being too glossy. The very subtle texture of this paper makes it ideal for framing, as it prevents the print from sticking to the back of that glass.

Photos come unframed and unmounted:
– You get to choose your own frame style on your preferred budget
– Buying unframed saves you a ton on shipping!
– The picture showing this print in a frame is for illustrative purposes only

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*8×10 and 11×14 photo paper is narrower than the actual photo, meaning that the edge(s) of you print will be cropped. I will do this manually and take care that it is done tastefully.
However, I recommend purchasing 11×16 or larger.

Your print will not have any logos/watermarks.

I hope you will find the colours of your print to be fantastic, but please be aware that screen colours and ink colours may vary slightly, based in part on your screen settings.

I appreciate your patience, as prints are made to order.

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8×10*, 11×14*, 11×16, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30


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