I love to explore, photograph, and learn about nature and wildlife that surrounds us. For many people, including myself, the interest started with birds. They’re a great introduction to wildlife because, in most parts of the world, there are only a few hundred different species to learn about. It will become the beginning of an addiction to naturalism though – you have been warned!

The “Nature” pages on this website will share field-guide like information, recordings of the creatures I have come across and general information about the nature of Ontario. However, I am just beginning what will be a long-term work-in-progress!

My “Life List”

The above link will take you to a list of all of the organisms I have seen/recorded. I started the list in around 2006 and only very casually, but began adding to it more frequently as the years progressed. I have three rules for something to make it to the list:

  • I must be 100% certain that the organism is correctly identified… either from my own knowledge or someone that is with me
  • Animals must not be captive (eg. a zoo) and plants can not be cultivated (eg. a garden)
  • I can’t add something I’ve seen from before starting this list in 2006 (for example, I saw alligators many years ago but they are not on the list)

Why not make your own list? It’s great fun and you can make your own rules.