This is the original slide.

It has been scanned, but no further work has been performed on it.
It is not yet in a position to be printed.
Please scroll down for the next stage.







This image has been cropped. What does this mean?

White border removed. It could be printed, but no repairs have been made. Printing is not recommended.


This image has been manually retouched by hand

The image is much brighter
The edges are nicely squared
Most white specks (scratches) have been tastefully repaired
White balance/Colour fixes (Notice the white buoys looked yellow before)


This image will look much better when printed.


These are the “biggest bang for your buck” fixes. Other issues could also be fixed, but the image is otherwise good-to-go.

(Eg. A light halo around the woman, white diagonal lines on the right of the water, vignetting (black marks in the corners), the horizon is not level.)