Rouge Valley Mast Trail

The Rouge Valley – Mast Trail

The Rouge Valley, or “Rouge National Urban Park” as it has become known under the stewardship of Parks Canada, has a wide variety of species and ecosystems and there are currently three designated trails. I already covered The Orchard and Vista trails in a previous video, and today I came to walk The Mast Trail.

Need To Know
The Mast Trail starts off on the side of Twyn Rivers Drive. Find the parking lot about half-way along the road, head to the western edge and take the Orchard Trail. You’ll come back out on the road. Be cautious as there is no sidewalk. Cross the bridge. The trail is to your left.
Consider avoiding weekends during summer, unless you want to see lots of people, screaming kids and teenagers running around, dogs off their leash, people ignoring the signs explaining the vulnerabilities of the creek and splashing around in it, etc.. etc..
(I saw all of these things when I attempted to film there on a Sunday. I gave up and returned in the week).

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