Butterfly and Moth Life List

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Common NameTaxon NameSeen As…DateLocationCountry
American Dagger
American LadyButterfly
Banded Tussock MothCaterpillar
Birch Angle
Black SwallowtailButterfly
Black-and-yellow Lichen MothMoth
Bronze Copper
Brown Elfin
Cabbage WhitePieris rapaeButterfly
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail
Canadian X Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (hybrid)Butterfly
Clouded SulphurButterfly
Common Ringlet
Common Wood-nNymph
Corn Earworm MothMoth
Dreamy Duskywing
Eastern CommaButterfly
Eastern Tent Caterpillar MothMalacosoma americanaCaterpillar
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
European Skipper
Green Comma
Gypsy MothEggs, Caterpillar, Moth
Hickory Tussock MothCaterpillar
Hitched ArchesCaterpillar
Hobomok Skipper
Hummingbird ClearwingMoth
Isabella Tiger MothCaterpillar
Little Wood Satyr
Lucia Azure/Spring AzureCelastrina lucia
Milkweed Tussuck MothCaterpillar
MonarchButterfly, Caterpillar
Mourning CloakButterfly
Nessus Sphinx
Northern CrescentPhyciodes cocytaButterfly2020-16-11Morningside Park, TorontoCAN
Northern Pearly-eye
Painted LadyButterfly
Pearl CrescentButterfly
Red AdmiralButterfly
Red-spotted Admiral
Silver-bordered Fritillary
Silver-spotted Skipper
Silvery Blue
Spotted Tussock MothLophocampa maculataCaterpillar
Three-spotted Fillip
Virginia Ctenucha MothMoth
Walnut Caterpillar MothCaterpillar
Western Pine Elfin
White Admiral
White-banded Toothed Carpet
White-striped BlackMoth
Wild Indigo DuskywingButterfly


I’m Stu and I go by the nickname “BritHikesOntario”. I’m a displaced British bloke living in Ontario, Canada. I create videos, write stuff and take photographs that all aim to capture the essence of Ontario. Together with my wife, Sara, I enjoy showcasing the birds, landscape, nature and wildlife of this beautiful province!
I hope that you’ll enjoy discovering Ontario with me!