Visiting a couple of birding “hotspots” to try to find a couple of birds I hadn’t seen before. A Redhead Duck and a Rusty Blackbird.

My first stop is The Scarborough Bluffs boat launch looking for the Redhead amongst and awful lot of Ring-billed Gulls! It is freezing cold with icy shrubs along the lake.
Next stop is near the Unwin Avenue Bridge near Tommy Thompson Park further west along the lake after reports of a notable sighting. A Rusty Blackbird!
Watch the video above to check out the trip!

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I’m Stu and I go by the nickname “BritHikesOntario”. I’m a displaced British bloke living in Ontario, Canada. I create videos, write stuff and take photographs that all aim to capture the essence of Ontario. Together with my wife, Sara, I enjoy showcasing the birds, landscape, nature and wildlife of this beautiful province!
I hope that you’ll enjoy discovering Ontario with me!