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About BritHikesOntario

Hello, I’m Stu Hall a.k.a. “BritHikesOntario”.
I love to capture the landscapes, wildlife and nature that surrounds us.

Nature is all around us, even in busy cities, often hidden in plain view. You just need to attune yourself to the signs all around us. This website is a celebration of that. 

It is also a place for me to display my photography. I moved from Britain to Canada in 2003, and brought along a desire to photograph and discover my new home province of Ontario.

Many childhood Christmases ago, I received a 16mm camera. Do you remember those 100 film cartridges? It took those and it was a lovely bright red. It looked quite sleek at the time. Although the print quality from this type of film was not the best, it began my creative exploration of photography.

Later in life, I saved my pennies for a Fuji bridge camera that had manual controls and startlingly better image quality, and this camera followed me everywhere. These days I have a camera bag bulging with my camera, lenses, filters…

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