250 Bird Challenge 2023

During 2023, I hope to see a total of 250 different bird species.

This will be quite a big challenge! The highest I have ever managed is 206 and that was with quite a lot of traveling around Ontario and a trip to The UK.


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  1. Bids must be seen during 2023
  2. Birds must be wild
  3. Birds must be within the ABA Area (Canada, USA, Mexico)


Canada GooseMute SwanMallard
Dark-eyed JuncoNorthern CardinalGadwall
BuffleheadMourning DoveRing-billed Gull
Northern PintailCommon GoldeneyeRed-breasted Merganser
Downy WoodpeckerNorthern FlickerBlue Jay
Red-bellied WoodpeckerAmerican CrowWhite-throated Sparrow
Black-capped ChickadeeWhite-breasted NuthatchRed-breasted Nuthatch
Song SparrowAmerican Black DuckGreater Scaup
European StarlingAmerican GoldfinchAmerican Tree Sparrow
Long-tailed DuckHorned GrebeCommon Loon
Bald EagleSnowy OwlCommon Raven
American RobinHouse SparrowAmerican Pipit
Herring GullBrown CreeperTownsend’s Solitaire
Cedar WaxwingTrumpeter SwanCanvasback
Hooded MerganserAmerican CootAmerican Wigeon
Common MerganserGreat Black-backed GullNorthern Shoveler
Green-winged TealDouble-crested CormorantRuddy Duck
Savannah SparrowEvening GrosbeakPurple Finch
White-winged ScoterRock PigeonHarlequin Duck
Iceland GullRed-tailed HawkWood Duck
RedheadHairy WoodpeckerSpruce Grouse
Canada JayHorned LarkNorthern Harrier
Barred OwlWild TurkeyRed-winged Blackbird
Turkey VultureAmerican KestrelRed-necked Grebe
Cooper’s HawkHoary RedpollCommon Grackle
Northern MockingbirdPeregrine FalconPileated Woodpecker
Ring-necked DuckEastern MeadowlarkLesser Scaup
Pied-billed GrebeTree SwallowGolden-crowned Kinglet
Brown-headed CowbirdKilldeerSandhill Crane
Eastern BluebirdGreat EgretChipping Sparrow
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerEastern PhoebeRuby-crowned Kinglet
Carolina WrenBlue-winged TealHermit Thrush
Winter WrenFox SparrowRusty Blackbird
Bonaparte’s GullBelted KingfisherSharp-shinned Hawk
Barn SwallowTufted TitmouseYellow-rumped Warbler
Eared GrebeOspreyWilson’s Snipe
Brown ThrasherField SparrowVesper Sparrow
Swamp SparrowEastern TowheeLark Sparrow
WhimbrelBlack OystercatcherWestern Gull
Brown PelicanWhite-crowned SparrowWestern Grebe
Great Blue HeronBrewer’s BlackbirdAnna’s Hummingbird
Pigeon GuilemotWhite-tailed KiteWrentit
California ThrasherHouse FinchPine Siskin
Common YellowthroatSpotted TowheeBlack Phoebe
Bewick’s WrenBlack-crowned Night HeronBrandt’s Cormorant
Nuttall’s WoodpeckerChestnut-backed ChickadeeRed-shouldered Hawk
Hutton’s VireoCalifornia TowheeBlack-necked Stilt
American AvocetSnowy EgretWestern Flycatcher
Loggerhead ShrikeMarsh WrenGreat-tailed Grackle
Yellow WarblerWestern TanagerAcorn Woodpecker
Ash-throated FlycatcherWestern KingbirdWestern Bluebird
Lawrence’s GoldfinchBullock’s OrioleSteller’s Jay
California Scrub JayMountain ChickadeePygmy Nuthatch
Greater RoadrunnerWhite-winged DoveWestern Wood-Pewee
Brown-crested FlycatcherOak TitmouseVerdin
Lesser GoldfinchHooded OrioleLucy’s Warbler
Summer TanagerBlack-tailed GnatcatcherCactus Wren
Eurasian Collared-DoveGambel’s QuailBurrowing Owl
Western MeadowlarkAllen’s HummingbirdNorthern Rough-winged Swallow
Cassin’s KingbirdCliff SwallowWilson’s Warbler
BushtitHouse WrenYellow-crowned Night Heron
White-throated SwiftOrange-crowned WarblerHeermann’s Gull
Long-billed CurlewLittle Blue HeronCaspian Tern
California QuailSurf ScoterMarbled Godwit
Black-headed GrosbeakWarbling VireoViolet-green Swallow
American White PelicanSanderlingBand-tailed Pigeon
Swainson’s ThrushPacific WrenGreen Heron
Least FlycatcherGray CatbirdBaltimore Oriole
Tennessee WarblerNashville WarblerAmerican Redstart
Northern ParulaBay-breasted WarblerBlackpoll Warbler
VeeryBank SwallowBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Common TernEastern KingbirdEastern Wood-Pewee
Great Crested FlycatcherProthonotary WarblerRose-breasted Grosbeak
Ruddy TurnstoneBlack TernBlack-bellied Plover
Purple MartinBobolinkIndigo Bunting
Ruby-throated HummingbirdRed-eyed VireoBlack-and-white Warbler
Magnolia WarblerCanada WarblerBlack-backed Woodpecker
MerlinPalm WarblerBlue-headed Vireo
Pine WarblerScarlet TanagerRuffed Grouse
Black-thoated Green WarblerLesser YellowlegsBaird’s Sandpiper
Solitary SandpiperGreater YellowlegsBlack-throated Blue Warbler


I’m Stu and I go by the nickname “BritHikesOntario”. I’m a displaced British bloke living in Ontario, Canada. I create videos, write stuff and take photographs that all aim to capture the essence of Ontario. Together with my wife, Sara, I enjoy showcasing the birds, landscape, nature and wildlife of this beautiful province!
I hope that you’ll enjoy discovering Ontario with me!